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Heather banned in 'bamma


There is a utility pole treating plant in Briarfield, Alabama
that I have loaded out of on two occasions.
Once as my previous incarnation and once as my currant.
During the first I, wowed them with my expertise and experience.
The second I was hit on by a couple of guys as they stummbled
over themselves to "help" me, being the poor helpless creature that I am.

I was scheduled to pick up a load from this place after
a friend of mine was, a day before me.
This guy was a friend before my transition and remains
a friend to this day, unlike several others.
Well.....he did not know that I had loaded out of this place
previously, as myself, and I guess he was attempting to
"soften the blow" for these ignorant rednecks.
From what I can gather, from the accounts of him, my "boss" and dispatcher,
He told them that there is this guy coming into load
he dresses and lives as a woman but he's a good person,
hard worker and a hell of a truck driver.
To which the reply was, by the overly intelligent individuals
who have met me twice, "Oh, no dont sent that faggot down here,
we won't load him."

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm..............."

I'm gonna fight really hard to go back to that ungodly humid,
 uneducated, inbred, toothless, uncultured................

Heatherrose, that must really tick you off.

I wonder if any of them had a sub-conscious clue that you were the one they had "stumbled over" the last time you were there.  Wouldn't that be a hoot.  And probably their deep-seated secret curiousity (that they knew was there, but wouldn't dare to admit to themselves) instantly set off their "Threatened with Being Gay" warning.  I believe that is at the heart of nearly all the guys who react strongly when something comes that may threaten their image of "manhood" they have so carefully crafted over the years.

While I only know a few truckers and haven't met very many others, it seems to me that the Trucking business contains a very strong Good Ol' Boy-Macho Redneck strain.  At least that's the way it seems from the ones I've met here in Texas.  And anything that might even hint at them possibly even thinking about wondering if maybe they might, even through no fault of their own, may want to wonder what it was like to touch another guy, would be met with loud and boisterous denials.  They're not bad folks...most of them would do anything they possibly can to help's just that they are in such deep denial in the natural curiousity of their sexuality that it's "expected" of them to defend their "I ain't gay!!" position.  As we all know, we react the strongest when we see others who embrace our own secret desires...well, we don't all know, but it sounded good at the time... ::)

Hang in there, Sis.  We're pulling for you.




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