Author Topic: SRS Requirement: View From a “Transsexual Man”  (Read 1191 times)

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SRS Requirement: View From a “Transsexual Man”
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SRS Requirement: View From a “Transsexual Man”

July 10, 2012. 1:54 pm • Section: Turning the Page

Here is an interesting comment from Jack Ori in the United States:

Hi Jillian,

I found your article about the SRS requirement to legally change gender interesting. I’d like to offer my perspective on it as a transsexual man.

I can understand your perspective, but I see this discussion as analogous to the marriage equality discussion. Just as allowing same-sex couples to marry doesn’t take away from heterosexual couples’ ability to marry, I do not see how allowing a person who keeps hir anatomy to change genders affects those who have the means and desire to have SRS. If I read the proposed law correctly, it simply allows those who do not have SRS to have their gender identity adequately represented on official documents.