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Hi peeps.

Basically I want to go back to college full time and Im wondering if anyone else has done this and how that went for them?

I dont want to have to wait for all my surgerys to be done with to get on with my life but at the moment I have so many commitments because of my transition that Id just end up missing so many days.
For example im due to have top surgery in November or December, thats a good couple of weeks of not being able to do anything. Ive also heard however my chosen surgeon doesnt do it all in one go (if you choose liposuction). Even without that im commited to going to my GC twice every three months and the dates are whatever they decide, its never flexible.

On the application forms it asks if you have a medical tempted to say yes but should I explain my transtion or just say I dont wish to discuss the details?

I started at Uni this year at the age of 58, and am having the time of my life.  I could see myself as a 'professional student' in fact!  Learning is a total blast.
 I am full time and pre-op, and have felt no exclusion. 
I am out to my tutorial group in Gender Studies and a couple of women in other subjects I have made friends with.  I think people see me as an "out" Femme Lesbian rather than consider any Trans status, so I am quite open about my orientation as camouflage.
Given the inflexibility of your Clinic it might be worth claiming a medical disability to cover exam dates etc if it can be done discretely.


Hey that's for getting back to me. It's good know everything is going well for you and I hope that continues throughout your course.
I've actually just realised I'm going to have to tell them anyways because my certificates from school are all in my old name. Oh well.
I guess your orientation does come in very handy  :P that is one worry that I might slip up and do some girly mannerism. It sure would be easy if I could just attribute it to being gay. Alas unfortunately I'm not lol.
I find social situations difficult too, mainly the getting started stuff. I should really get in touch with the college but it's so nerve racking to me to just do that simple thing.

I'm 39 and I just started back on the 9th (last summer session).  I had a BS/MS in Computer Science, but couldn't handle the expected work/life balance anymore.  I'll hopefully be finishing my BS in Psych this spring and then I'm going to enter a MS/PhD program.

This first session I'm taking a pure online course (from my local "real" university - be careful of the online schools especially the for-profit ones).  Part of the reason I'm doing this is I'm still recovering from the seriously high levels of anxiety that my last job pushed me to.  I don't usually have a problem with people, but a large crowd has triggered me before when I'm this messed up.

Sara Murphy:
I already have one degree, but I went back to school starting in 2010 to get a new degree more in line with what the today's job world is looking for.  I still have 1.5 to 2 years to go depending on which program I get accepted into.  Now, I am pre everything, but I do see this time as my opportunity to transition.  If I do it right by the time I graduate I would be full time.  However, that is how I am envisioning it, those with the paperwork may have different ideas.  To me I would rather be transitioned before trying to get a job to avoid the uncomfortable of coming out after 2 weeks on the job.

Now, in terms of purely going back to school, I have found it a lot easier than the first time around.  I played soccer in college, drank way to much, and had someone else paying for it all.  This time around, no sports, no booze, and I am racking up a lot of debt.  However, I am doing exceptionally well, 3 straight semesters on the Presidents List (4.0 gpa).  Being a bit older gives you a different perspective on learning because you already know the consequences of not doing well so you concentrate a lot more, at least that has been my experience.


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