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Changing 'that little M' into an 'F' isn't so easy


Transgender community speaks out about financial difficulties and the need to be treated as the sex they identify with

Tristan Booth, an ASU doctoral student and transsexual person, said that very few transgender people get insurance to cover surgeries, and some have trouble getting insured at all. Representatives from BlueCross, BlueShield and United Health Care did not return calls by press time.

"It should also be noted that a number of appointments with a psychologist are required in order to receive referral letters to present to doctors and surgeons in order to receive hormones and surgeries," Booth said.

Many transgender people have to find other ways of paying for the tab, which, Simmons said, can go as high as $180,000.


--- Quote ---According to the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Queer Web site, "transsexuality" is a recognized medical condition, yet federal laws don't cover transsexuals under the disabilities act.
--- End quote ---

I wonder if prejudice and bigotry are also recognized medical conditions?  I hope not, because then bigots truly would "have our rights, too!"



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