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Men and women are opposites but some are more opposite than others

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Reposting this from a post I wrote today in my gender studies class forum:
In “Patriarchy, the System,” Alan G. Johnson likens patriarchy to a game of Monopoly in that it is artificially constructed  and sets up a hegemony in which it is normal to think of men as being the aggressors and women being subservient and “defining men and women as opposites.” (Kirk and Okazawa-Rey 34) As I have always thought, even way before “women’s studies” existed, that genders are not opposites, that all of us “do” and feel gender on a continuum. Instead of having a binary gender code, we should have a Kinsey type scale in which 1 is almost totally male and 7 being almost totally female. I say almost totally as I would argue that it is impossible to be 100% female or 100% male. Anyway, thinking about Orwell’s Animal House in which “All pigs are created equal except some are more equal than others,” I coined the phrase:

Men and women are opposites but some are more opposite than others.

So where am I on this scale? My girlfriend and I are constantly debating which one is more femme and which of us is more butch, for some reason, although we reject patriarchal gender structure, we both want to be seen as more femme. Anyway, I suppose I am about a 5 or 6 on the scale. What are you? 

No replies?

It seems that ever since I've really started learning about gender and my lack thereof, I've lost most of my ability to tell which side I'm on. I've lost my perspective. So I'd need someone else to rate me, otherwise I'd just shrug and say I'm probably in the middle.

But mostly I don't have "male" and "female" qualities, I have me qualities. These are my patterns of behavior, not those of a social construct.

'Bout a 3, if you twist my arm and make me pick a number.  But my opinion on the subject runs more like this: there are those who study gender and those who live it.  There's value in each, but they're different things and somewhat unrelated.  May explain the lack of interest.

Like Lo said, I have no way to verify that self-assessment on my own.

Danielle Emmalee:
I wouldn't exactly say that gender identity necessarily can't be 100% male or female.  Rather very few people are 100% feminine or masculine.  Meaning most women have masculine characteristics but I don't think it makes them less of a "woman" or less "female"


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