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Another question for the wise ladies of Susan's Place.
Breast form glue. I love being able to go bra-less sometimes. I have tried Hollister Spay glue but did not care for it to much.
I am now using Smith + Nephew skin bond It works well, But getting it of afterwards, AHHHHHHH :icon_yikes:
I have tried citrus glue remover works well on the forms but leaves a small rash for a day on my skin.
Is there another kind of glue remover, or a better glue to use. It seems the only medical glue I can find is outside of the usa


vicki f:
Hey Brandi,  I don't know if I count as a wise lady, but I've found two sided tape works great.  I first found it when I bought a NuBra--theirs is even shaped appropriately, but is a little pricey--but so many of them are now self adhesive, I'm not sure how long refills will be available.  Anyway, I tried it on my full size breast form and it worked very well.  It has kept them in place through a day and a half.  I get mine through the mail and will try to get their address/URL for a later post, but you could probably google it. I also have two-sided tape for wigs that I got at a local beauty supply store, but I haven't tried that on my breasts yet.  And it does make such a difference to have them attached to your chest, I like to use the tape even with a bra.  Good Luck, Vicki


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