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Feminizing workouts?

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Does anyone know of any feminizing workouts? I want to get a head start before I start my hrt lol thanks!

Sara Thomas:
The Buns of Steel Workout?

I dunno... I'm looking for a How to Have a Fat Butt in Thirty Days Diet.

(really... put a sombrero on me and I'd be a drywall nail... :eusa_shifty: )

Yoga, it feminizes everything - relaxed facial expressions, longer neck, poised shoulders and collar bone, tightened abdomen and core, thighs turned inward (which rotates hips outwards and broadens buttocks).

Also, if you want a booty to rival a Kardashian then check this out -


Sara Thomas:
Ha! Super, Bexi!

Thanks for the advice... can't wait to get some yoga pants!  8)

Hugs - Sadie

 :) Anytime hun!

Yoga pants must not (I repeat: must not) be worn anywhere else than at home or practising yoga! Its not a good look  ;D


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