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sperm from bone marrow
« on: August 08, 2012, 09:47:37 pm »
I posted a topic a while ago brainstorming ways to help trans men have children, but I bumped into a promising idea pointed out by a comment on youtube so thought I'd let you guys know.

As the title suggests, scientists have successfully created immature sperm from stem cells extracted from human bone marrow, and scientists believe that one day they will able to extract bone marrow from a biological female, grow mature sperm cells, and successfully fertilize an egg with those cells. It is still very controversial and tons of narrow-minded people are bound to cry foul over this procedure, but it nevertheless is a giant step towards progress for us trans men. Any thoughts/comments you'd like to make?

PS This was from a youtube video called "baby talk with the wife" by one of my trans idols, ALionsFears, and the comment pointing this idea out was posted by dragonLION01e:
"in england, its this kind of research going on that is to create sperm cells from bone marrow, they have got it work but it takes several years to get it approved. but as I understand you would only be able to get daughters because none of you will have the xy chromosome its been a while that Ive looked at it but you can certainly google "bone marrow sperm" and see if you find something. for me it will take some years before I vant to have children, so i hope thet will be a choice in the future"
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