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Wiccan Rede, Harm, and Transition impact on others

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Being an i itiated Alexandrian Priestess who has ran her own coven 12+ years I digress that we do not practice high magick at all- in fact in Alexandrian Witchcraft we are loaded with it.

We also are not Thelemas little sister, wicca is and will always be its own initiatory path with many seperate mysteries of its own. :)

As for harm non, lol. We were never taughtthat nor is it in Gardnerian or Alexandrian covens. With 22 years in the BTW community, it just doesnt exsist. Hell a protection spell can cause harm to another, their fault. Id say we are more a "harm none but take no <not allowed>" tradition.

We also have no three fold law, it is not taught either and never was in traditional Wicca. As for other neo pagan groups that call themselves Wiccan with no lineage traced to Gardner or the Sanders, well; thats all them and I cannot speak for them.

BTW is Wicca. Off shots that call themselves wicca without that lineage, are, well, contemporary witches who like the term.

So all the talk on the rede as it stands is actually traced to Valiente, but in essence NOT Wiccan, itis contemporary neo paganism flying itself under the banner and title of Wiccan.

Gothic Dandy:
I agree with most of that. You don't even have to be initiated to know those things. You just have to read the right books and talk to the right people. That being said, I obviously disagree that one must be lineaged to be "Wiccan," but I know who you're trying to distance yourselves from.

If a person is "harmed" by changes made to you, they need to look within themselves.  It is not you harming them, it is their own ignorance and prejudice.  The exception, of course, are people who are actually affected by your gender (like a spouse).

Think about it the other way.  Your transition doesn't actually harm them but their rejection of you will harm you.  Who's causing the actual harm there?  I can say with zero hesitance that your transition will in no way violate the Wiccan rede in and of itself. 

IMO, and most real traditionally lineaged Wiccans, you must be PPIACSAI and initiated by a priest/ess who has their lineage legit and traced through to SAnders or Gardner. Without such, one is not Wiccan, but a Pagan who likes the term and philosophies there of. Blaim fluff bunnies for the BTW reclaiming our title. You want it? Find a coven and earn it the hard way as we all have.

Other than perhaps demanding that people refer to you using different pronouns, I don't see how any part of transition can even qualify as harm.  Transition is something that you do to yourself, for yourself.  If you don't request that other people use certain pronouns, then transition actually has nothing to do with them in any way, whatsoever.  What you are calling "harm" is actually other people taking offense at something which has little or nothing to do with them.  Since it's 99% them doing it to themselves, it doesn't really qualify as harm, and it certainly doesn't qualify as harm sourced by you.

Think about it this way.  Let's say I have a deep hate for apples.  I go to lunch with someone and they eat an apple.  I make an ugly face and I proclaim, "That apple disgusts me.  You should eat an orange."

Have they harmed me, or am I just being an oversensitive prick?

Now replace the word "apple" with "male" and "orange" with "female" and you'll get an idea about how much "harm" you actually do to people by transitioning.  The "harm" is all in their own heads.  You haven't done anything to hurt anyone.  You haven't initiated violence.  You haven't even done anything which directly affects them.  They perceive that what you are doing is wrong, and they take offense at what you do based on their own subjective perception.

It would be like my being offended by a painting and claiming that the painter harmed me.  In reality, the painter never harmed me in any way.  I merely took OFFENSE to the painting.  In reality, I have not been hurt or harmed in any way.  Only my feelings have been hurt.  But, emotions are irrational.  People can take offense at ANYTHING.  Therefore, the fact that someone takes offense at something is essentially meaningless.  You can't define "harm" based on someone's personal subjective feeling about something, because then "harm" can mean anything.


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