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Wiccan Rede, Harm, and Transition impact on others

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Sara Thomas:
There's always the Hedonistic Calculus...

"[W]here [do] your actions end and others' actions begin[?]" I think that this is very thought-provoking, Sephirah... I really like it.

I personally feel that I have a certain obligation to my Lady: she didn't sign on to be with a woman, and while she does accept me - I would never do anything to cause her grief: there's simply no amount of self-fulfillment that could out-weigh causing her the slightest intentional harm.

But you know... she is the only one I feel that way about: secondary to her, if I were to take transitioning to its conclusion, everyone else would simply have to deal with it.

The only way in which we actually impact others is that they must change their gender pronouns and name they use to adress us. Other than those who are our sexual partners this is the only real impact on others.
Do some people get mentaly harmed and freak out when one of us transitions? Yes. But that is all on them. It is an internal reaction to our defying gender norms.

As our transitions actualy only impact peoples language they use to adress us and refer to us then it must logicaly be determined that we do not in any apreciable way impact others. We cause no actual harm and it is the internal issues of others that brings emotional pain.

If others are going to get so worked up over someone transitioning then they need to get into therapy and work on their self and not worry about the transsexual in  their life.

Super old entry, but lemme say being mixed scottish and native american and having studied wicca from its roots up in a family trad, the simple answer is as above, so below. Take it also into perspective of the fact that sometimes, aforest must burn to grow new trees. Thats what transition is, in the end, the purging for new appropriate growth. The redeis more of an implication of proper ritual and daily interaction but mirrors in with the rule of three. It is not defined out in any aspect of being trans*, upon which self emergence over rules harm to others as a forest fires new growth after replenishes that eco system without regards otherwise. Animals find new habitat temporarily. So do relationships, which in the end get replaced with those not strong enough to have regards to our own deeply seated personal overuling needs. If they leave from simple transition, they needed to anyways...just saying.

Gothic Dandy:
Not sure if anyone is still interested in this topic (I'm sure the OP figured herself out by now), but here's my 2 cents.

The rede is technically meant to discourage witches from casting spells that would cause deliberate harm to others. I expand on this and say as long as you aren't doing something specifically in order to hurt somebody, you're in the clear.

Transitioning isn't something meant to hurt others. It's an attempt to make your own life better. It may hurt others in the process, but that's not the goal, and it's dependent upon the other person's reaction to your action upon yourself. It's impossible to go through life without ever hurting others, even accidentally, because you can't control how they react to everything you do. I'm not saying be reckless and screw whatever anybody else says--of course you should act responsibly and be held accountable for your actions--I'm saying you can't live to please everybody without sacrificing your own genuine needs.

The Wiccan Rede is actually a play on the Thelemic motto, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law; love under Will."

A lot of people misunderstand what that means and assume that Crowley was insisting that all should do as they please with no regard to others, but this is incorrect. This motto is saying that one should follow their true path — or True Will — with Love (Agape) as your foundation. It is also the message of Thelema that to interfere with the Will of another is the ultimate sin. That includes both harm as well as magickal healing. The only time one should ever use their ritual and intent for another's benefit is through their direct permission.

I like to think of Wicca as Thelema's little sister. Wicca deals primarily in Low Magick while Thelema focuses on High Magick. Both are valid paths; even complimentary. Plus, Thelema is immensely inclusive of all walks of life, sexual orientations, gender identities, and other unique expressions of the Self.

Some might think that transition would go against the True Will, but I disagree. I believe that it could very well be in line with it. After all, the True Will is one's ultimate destiny. "Every man and every woman is a star." We all have our own unique and individual orbits in the spiritual cosmos. How that manifests in this plane should be irrelevant as long as all that we do serves our own evolution which in turn serves the evolution of everyone else.


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