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WHAT did Madeline Just Say??? An Index of Infamous Posts
« on: August 18, 2012, 07:30:07 pm »
OK, you young whippersnappers might not know this, but when you are my memory, the age starts to go. Then you can say something you thought was important and not know where you left it. That's why we youth-challenged ladies keep repeating ourselves - we have to start over because we don't know where we left off.

So this post is for indexing things I said so I don't have to say them again, you poor dears~!

8.14.2012 Re: How do I use make-up to conceal beard shadow? use a concealer that will take your problem area back towards neutral
8.14.2012 Re: How do I use make-up to conceal beard shadow?you usually don't see the women whose beard coverage is successful because you don't see them

7.14.2012 Re: Change of clothing size after HRT - possible? I learn something new every day
7.26.2012 Re: Change of clothing size after HRT - possible? change in my confidence about my appearance and my body

7.22.2012 Re: yes, maybe??? Many good people are what I call "blurters"
7.27.2012 Re: #10 No catchy title, No happiness, Today is the worst day ever. Taking it slow and following your heart

7.1.2012 Re: So, I postponed a few things grief accompanies any major life change
7.20.2012 Re: End of my rope take care of yourself and get treatment for depression
7.22.2012 Re: Coping find ways to give expression to their best selves
7.25.2012 Re: A Really Hard Post for Me old feelings I never was safe to fully feel until
7.27.2012 Re: I finally get it Some of us suffer from both kinds of dysphoria
7.29.2012 Re: A reminder to myself developing our unique inner voice and the confidence to follow it
7.31.2012 Re: Feeling really out of place when you are depressed
8.3.2012 Re: Day to day observations with every step I took I knew I was going in the right direction
8.14.2012 Re: help parents let them see how much you are hurting inside
8.15.2012 Re: help parents This is what depression feels like to me
8.16.2012 Re: Estrogen Balance/Several Questions At some point we have to live for ourselves too or we lose the ability to keep living for others

7.16.2012 Re: How can i raise money for surgeries/ scholarship? Talk to people and take advantage of everything you can.

7.27.2012 Re: Ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just don't fit in You fit in the best in this world when you are truest to your self
7.27.2012 Re: Ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just don't fit in When we finally drop the act, we can find friends we never knew we had.
7.29.2012 Re: help i'm socially challenged tricks I learned in my severe social anxiety days
8.5.2012 Re: Is there such a thing as too much support? peer pressure when it comes to gender identity and gender expression

7.1.2012 why can't a local electrologist do it? If your tech is slow...

7.5.2012 Re: How/what did you feel before HRT? After, I felt at home in my own skin
7.29.2012 Re: Fellow Canadians cost depends primarily on the means of delivery
7.29.2012 Re: Regrets and dealing with things... If you liked who you were and how you felt on HRT better
8.14.2012 Re: Estrogen Balance/Several Questions how sex hormones affect emotions, moods, and mental functioning

7.31.2012 Re: Err...ejaculation? respect, and love all your sensitive bits

7.8.2012 Re: How did your gender therapist help you? Let me save up my angst and pain and unload it once a week.
7.10.2012 Re: Help with choosing a therapist listening to your gut
7.22.2012 Re: Is therapy absolutely needed and cost? She has literally been a life saver
Re: Update: 1st Therapy Appointment and Details don't think a good therapist will judge you on your dress
8.16.2012 Therapy / Re: What Can I Expect? will probably spend the first session

8.1.2012 Re: IN ER last night. Many of us have been through trauma and come out the other side
8.2.2012 Re: Day to day observations it just adds another layer of emotional and mental turmoil

7.9.2012 Re: mentally " male" or mentally " female " Some of us have a brain that...
7.29.2012 Re: Day to day observations our world has no edges, or is all edge
7.31.2012 Re: Day to day observations Maybe bi-gender is something like this
8.11.2012 Re: Day to day observations #86 Our categories overlap, and where they overlap, that's where life happens.

8.18.2012 Re: What am I doing wrong? So grab your voice and PLAY.

7.25.2012 Re: What do I need to know about picking out and buying a wig? A few things to get you started

7.21.2012 Re: What does it mean when people stare at you during transition? my mannerisms, body language, attitude, etc started to shift
7.22.2012 Re: Transitioning pre / during / post with job? I wouldn't recommend putting off
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