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Nikki Araguz Trans Marriage Update!
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Nikki Araguz Trans Marriage Update!

Posted by Cristan on Aug 20, 2012 in Civil Rights | 2 comments

Here’s the long-awaited Nikki Araguz case update!

We last left off a year ago with my critique of the small-town Republican judge’s laughable judgement. What fallows is the brief that was submitted to the 13th District Court of appeals in Texas. As I bitched about in my critique, the ethically challenged legal team for the ex-wife (who seems to be behind all of this nonsense) never actually dealt with Nikki’s arguments/evidence and the judge simply pretended that his court wasn’t bound by the 14th Amendment to recognize the fact that California asserts that Nikki was BORN female (she has an ORIGINAL – NOT an amended – birth certificate which states that she was born female).

Anyway, reading through this brief is fun. It’s less like a dry legal brief and more like an epic pwnage of the ex-wife’s case. The 13th District Court of appeals isn’t controlled by right-wing assholes and my expectation is that Nikki will win. Arguments will probably begin sometime in November.


Re: Nikki Araguz Trans Marriage Update!
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That's a terrific read!  And it clears up so much of the misinformation swirling around about this case.  I can't see any reason why she would not prevail in the next round.