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I don't have a sewing machine, so as I am interested in leatherwork  it will be hand sewing.
I bought a lock-stitch awl yesterday and my first project is to take in the inseam of a pair of leather jeans. 
They are really baggy from mid-thigh down, and when I am on my motorcycle the flapping tends to make my legs numb.  I will try and post some before and after pics tomorrow, when there is decent light.
 After that next project is a skirt, as all I have seen available is either hideously expensive or fetish wear.   Not that there is anything wrong with a bit of kink, but I have a latex skirt for that.  >:-)
One of the members of my support group makes shoes and boots, so I hope I will be able to pick up  a few hints from her too.


Made a start and it looks pretty good. Also found that one needs to keep the fingers away from the awl. :o

Prick your finger?


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