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There is a tidal river behind my house with great striped bass fishing and flounder. You can get eels if you fish at night. Who fishes? Hugs, Devlyn

Sara Thomas:
Used to fish stripers in a tidal river in Conn. - loved it! Great fishing for about 30 mins. as the school passes.

Mostly fish Largemouth these days.

The schoolie stripers show up with the herring in the spring. If you gut one, they're eating little shrimps and quarter sized green crabs. I even found a flat quarter sized rock in one. I make awesome fish chowder.

That's animal cruelty. The bunny doesn't appear to be wearing sunscreen.

There's great Pacific Salmon and Halibut fishing here in the Northwest, enormous sturgeon in the lower end of the rivers. I prefer rock cod and ling cod over salmon, guess I've been spoiled with so much salmon over the years and my taste buds no longer appreciate it, although a salmon grilled with a little mayo spread between the halves is rather good!


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