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Bow Hunting
« on: August 28, 2012, 08:59:59 pm »
As part of trying to be a "guy", I began taking archery lessons.  As part of that I went on a hunt, whitetail deer.  I had been hunting before and never really cared for it.

How can it be hunting when you sit on top of a hill and take down your trophy at a 1/2 mile away.  Guns just seem so cruel.

But when you sit in a tree stand and wait for the deer to come into view.  And take them down at 20 yards, that is more like hunting to me.  Predator vs. prey.  Just as it is in the natural world.

Unfortunately I have had to sell my compound bow, arrows, release, arm band and tree stand.     Gods, I really do miss it.

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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2012, 09:03:54 pm »
I've actually hunted using throwing knives. 5 yards  :). I only go hunting when I'm hungry, though. Otherwise, it's a waste.

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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2012, 09:04:20 pm »
The deer here come right up to the house. I could hit one over the head and kill it. I love self-delivering venison!
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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2012, 06:27:18 am »
One of the girls I work with is an archer as well, but doesn't hunt.
She has two bows - a compound and an english long bow.  Shooting stuff like clout sounds like it might be fun, but my upper body strength is hopeless.
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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2012, 09:35:29 am »
I prefer a black powder rifle. (Hawken .50 or .54 would be my prefered tool of choice.)) With a front stuffer, you get one shot and shot placement is everything. You will not kill your deer just from massive amounts of energy like a modern center fire that gives you a chance at a follow up shot in seconds. With a muzzel loader, you get one chance to do it right.
If you ever wanna go hunting Janet, Sevan and I are living on a beautiful piece of property with a private lake and miles of woods trails. Deer and turkys in spades. Bobcats, coyote and squirls also call this place home.
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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #5 on: August 29, 2012, 10:18:41 am »
I don't hunt, but I'm into archery.  I currently have two collapsible recurves sitting in my closet along with 12 arrows [shiny purple with neon green fletching].  However, I have better aim when I'm shooting at an animal target and not one of those round ones. 

I haven't given hunting a shot because I couldn't pass the test and because my attention span is heavily lacking.  I think it would be nice to try, though, once I got better at hitting the targets.

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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #6 on: September 01, 2012, 01:50:11 am »
i use to hunt i also was a bow unter but i find time is no longer a friend to me.
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Re: Bow Hunting
« Reply #7 on: September 01, 2012, 02:17:43 am »

My was father was an Archer both bowhunters & target for well over 50 years, so all the gear i have was from him , he did have compound though they were taken from the clubs store house ,never saw them again.
Im an Archer have about 20 bows plus all the gear long bows recurve  & steel ,

as a member of our Renaissance group we have about 20 who are pretty keen so im with them & yes  the clout is fun. we allso have 2  who get dressed for  our target ,  Now that i like as im pretty good takeing them over 160 yards, on a 35 lb steel bow,

Its a fun time that i enjoy  im no were as good as my father was  though for me its the social side,

We will have our next week to gether in Feb coming looking forward to that, With over 200 of us men & women all dressed,in garb,

Hi. from New Zealand, Im a woman of difference & intersex who is living life to the full.   we have 3 grown up kids and 11 grand kid's 6 boy's & 5 girl's,
Jos and i are still friends and  is very happy with her new life with someone.