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The Gainesville Pride fest was yesterday & the Gay-Straight Alliance from UF had a toilet bowl on top of their table--nice attention grabber.  Better yet was that they put candy bars in it for people to take---that was the 1st time I ever took any brown stuff out of the toilet and ate it ;D Yeah, I know, I'm a dork...

So anyway, I learned that out of the hundreds of bathrooms on the University of Florida campus, only very few are gender-neutral.  The GSA is surveying the restroom locations and finding which ones could easily be converted to gender-neutral restrooms. From there all they need to do is convince people at the top to convert small task, but they seem determined.  Yay them!   :D 

UF huh?  Real sorry about you loss Saturday.  Tigers just love gator tail  >:D

Ouch, I didn't see that one coming...You sure know how to pour on the salt, don't you?   :D

I've got to say that I'm kinda torn in this whole washroom thing.  It's a common problem now, and there are many places that are looking into this gender neutral washroom issue.

It's a shame that establishments have to spend so much time and effort into creating these neutral locations where we can go to answer natures call.  I can see the one side of the argument where natal females and males do not want any of the opposite sex near them while they are... lets say vulnerable (maybe not for the guys, had to throw that in)  :)  But on the other hand they are now going to segregate us into using these gender neutral zones.  I wonder what the symbol would look like.

I am a woman, I'm not gender neutral, so let me pee as other women pee.

That feels better... Just had to rant a little  :)


I have lived in FL for almost 20 years now and have had to listen to MANY jokes about the Tigers being Gator bait (cause they usually are).  Only rarely do I get to return the blows.  So when I get the opportunity...I take it  ;D


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