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Who i am who i want to be and my story. :)

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hi i'm Natalie. i'm a feminine male that wants to be female. i'm also a brave strong smart and funny girl. i have a big heart i'm emotional sometimes and i have a big temper but i use it for the right reasons  like facing bullies online or defending my self verbally. i'm in my mid twenties and i live in usa.  i'm a trusting person but also really understanding and trustworthy and honest. i'm a really good friend to have and happiness is important to me so i smile a lot! i love epic and beautiful music! i'm artsy so i have appreciation for art beautiful scenery and music and i see the good in peoples hearts. :) i try to be really positive but i have my sad days too. so that's me. and i STILL want to keep growing as a person but i do love who i am. hm. -smiles- hehe that's the 1st time in a long time i loved my self. i used to not like me. i was full of fear and low self esteem in the past. i love saying i love who i am! :D. yay! well my new chapter in the wonderful Beautiful story of my life begins today. i call it. <3 my journey to becoming a feminine super cool female and a better life!^-^ today is the day i start enjoying life to the fullest!

well as we all know things dont always go as planed.. i havent went to get a job but im sure i will have one soon. right now im just stressed from a arguementive day yesterday thanks to my awful dad and other bad things happened that made me feel down or im still stressed trying to figure out what kind of job i want im thinking about making money online doing something related to music which i love. i got alot on my mind today..but im trying to be strong. but im wondering how long i can remain strong and tough till i end up bawling. i have a feeling ill end up crying soon. i been trying to be soo strong and confident and determined. i been soo haard on myself. but dont worry my family i wont give up on whats important to me. i am like a strong phoenix i always get up a stronger better person after life knocks me down. but even strong people like my self may need and want friends and family to care for them and help them get back on there feet sometimes and be there for them. <3                                       :3                         thanks for reading.            Natalie.


--- Quote from: Natalie-pink on September 06, 2012, 08:18:47 am ---i am like a strong phoenix i always get up a stronger better person after life knocks me down.

--- End quote ---
I really really like this. It probably doesn't mean much, but you have earned my respect.

aww thank u so much and it means so much to me that you like my quote! i feel a little better now. :) i..have earned your just. WOW!  thank you really  i couldn't tell you the last time someone said i earned there respect.  its just being and feeling happy or atleast smiling is important to me and im trying to be the best person i can be really. id like to be buddies with you on here Edge i hope you dont mind. :)

well today im looking into blogging about things i like and know about to make money. and even if i been dreading my dad coming home later today i can handle him! ive made my decision im going to not stress my self too much and be soo hard on my self like i have been but i will still get the life and things i really want! i am finally the person i wanted to be for years and im only going to keep growing! i used to be full of fear now im brave! i used to have low confidence now i have plenty of it!in the past  i didnt love and accept my self but now i am impressed with my self and i love and accept who i am and i feel wonderful because of that! :) im headed in the right direction towards a better life im sure it just takes time. but i havent forgot how to enjoy life. :.) -smiles while a single tear forms in my right eye- thank you for reading my temp blog.  hugs for all my readers. -lots of hugs- feel free to pm me on the forums if u want to talk or tell me what u think of me or my blog or how im doing.                          <3               Natalie


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