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As of today Leigh is taking over as the forum administrator replacing Kimberly who will be moving back to her original position as the Wiki Administrator. Leigh has been visiting Susan's since 1999 and has been on staff for most of that. She during that time earned my trust, my faith, my friendship, and the position of Forum Administrator.  Kimberly performed admirably as the forum administrator during my search for a replacement for Jamie Lauren. I had hoped she would take the position full time however she expressed a wish for a more behind the scenes role and the Wiki is an area in need and of course Kimberly will excel at it.

That's really great news.  Leigh is so respected at Susan's and I personally will give her the same support as I did to Kimberly.  I really enjoyed working with Kimberly, she is so knowledgeable about everything here at Susan's, and I know that Leigh will do equally well.  I would like to wish both Leigh and Kimberly nothing but the best in their future positions.

Good luck to you both,


Dittos here to what Steph has said. I know Leigh will be great and Kimberly has already been working so hard on the Wiki. Now she will have more time to spend on making it the best Wiki anywhere. Good luck to both of you.  :)


          Leigh will do an excellent job as administrator, I'm making sure I keep my butt away from the end of that whip !!


Where to start?

I guess first it would be proper to thank Susan for the confidence in me to give me this position.  Now if I could just be elected Ms. President!

This certainly was not expected so bear with me while I am finding my way around.  I am not a geekette so if you suddenley find you don't exist you know who to put the blame on, me :whip:

All I can say is that I will do the best that I can for all of you.  If I make mistakes, and I am sure I will, please don't be afraid to call me on it despite what Beth said  :P

Thanks ,to all of you!!!


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