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My hobby is also a business, well part time now ..................

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Hey folks , I build exhibits , picture frames , and plexiglass enclosures as well as I collect old service station equipment . I guess ya could call me a Petroliuem historian . Meanwhile , I also build models . Currently, I'm trying to re create a former resturant/camp ground / swimming hole / gasoline stop and beer joint in Northern Idaho. I could certainly use any help in this project as the Core De Adelane Idaho chamber of Commerce has seen fit to ignore me .

Here's what I do know . The Fish Inn was built about 1927. It was built entirely out of native woods . It was built on a now By-passed section of highway in Northern Idaho very near the Washington border . Apperently the family who owned the place lived in Washington in later years . The place caught fire in 1991 due to a grease fire in the kitchen .

I'm trying to find any pictures anyone may have from any time period of the grounds and of the front entrance . I had to guess on the place in many instances .

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Nice fish!

I visited Ariah Park a few years ago, enjoyed the bowsers there (old petrol pumps).

I then spent several days laying many coats of Primer onto the finish as a very smooth surface would be required to lay the Birch shingles or "Scales " in this case .
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I had some left over Christmas decorations from last year . They were very small L E D's that are battery powered .

Bowser's , a European term for ANY older gasoline or petrol pump . Bowser Pump and Tank works here in the U S was a Ft Wayne Indiana manufacturing concern that started in 1899. They manufactured oil , gasoline , an kerosene tanks and pumps until they were bought in the late 1970's .

Meanwhile , work on the Fish Inn Continues :
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I'm still working on the base it will rest on . More later ....................

Eva Marie:
Neat! I hope that you are able to dig up more pictures of the place.


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