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Kitteh Engimeer:
Fellow nerds, geeks, dorks, and even cool kids and/or cats: what's your favorite video game song/melody/action-tune (+plural suffixes for several)? Here're some of mine, no particular order:

<3 cids theme and all chrono trigger music

Here are mine.

There are more but i don't wanna overload the forum :P

Maya Zimmerman:
Oooo.  Good picks.  Here's a few of mine...
Schala's Theme
Another Winter
Kimera II
Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
Silent Hill 2 Opening

Alternately, you can probably discern a lot of my video game music favorites from my album of video game music covers... here.

Kitteh Engimeer:
Ah, speaking of silent hill:

Also, I started playing eve during the apocrypha expansion: I stopped playing when the new expansion came out. I was so disappointed that I couldn't listen to the theme anymore (couldn't find a way to force the old theme to play... I tried :( )

Ahh, video game music  :)

My favorites are :
Chrono Trigger - Frog's theme, Final Fantasy 7- Cosmo Canyon, Final Fantasy 9 - Kuja's Theme... all of the earthbound soundtrack <3

And many more, too many to think of!


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