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 "Why couldn't the INS agent working with them just ignore her comments?"

Administration or no administraition, existing law is existing law and any agent of the law is required to report any irregularity, despite personal feelings.  Things were the same under the Clinton Admin.  Notice that much attention was directed at the Bush Admin and it's part in this. The Defence of Marrage Act was inacted in 1996.  Who's administration was it then?  but then I guess people see what they want.  When you pick and choose which laws to obey or ignore, things get very unnice really quick, as it leads to Anarchy.  I don't want to go into the arguments on this as they are worthless in relation to changing anything.

Getting upset over lawful actions does nothing and discussing whats fair or not leads nowhere.  Try doing some searching such as I suggested  in previous response and see if there is anything you can get involved in.  Do your Part to help and do something useful and meaningful.


On going back to the article in question, I noticed there ws an email address to the Editors of the article and thought this might be a good place to start and have requested information pertaining to legal funding of not only this case but the others mentioned in the article.  The email address is in a box at the bottom of the article.  It is:
A copy of my own letter below:

From: Terri Gene Stovall  To:
Subject: Backtalk: Sex and the Citizen

I am contacting you seeking information about the legal case of Donita Ganzon and Jiffy Javellana concerning Government interpetation of same sex marrage and immagration status.
I would wish to inquire about funding for this case and if there is any need for financial help.  If so, is there an authorized organized fund raiser to collect money that will be explicitly used to help the defense of this case.
Any information about legitimate fund raisers for this or any of the other cases mentioned in the article would be appreciated.
Thank you for any cooperation and/or help
Ms. Terri Gene Stovall

I did not find or at least notice anything specific about this on ACLU.COM, but I did find an interesting link there which is same sex specific;

At the bottom of this article is a link to more specific information on this and it would behove all persons here to at least follow the link and assist as they can.



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