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Transitioning at school


I am hoping i am putting this in the right place but i am full time expect at school an i was wanting to go full time next semester any advice on how to make a smooth transition?   

I live in the bible belt so the guys with the jacked up trucks an mud tires make up 90% of the student body lol :P

An i got a name change paper ^_^ so i am going to turn that in next week my name also isn't "legal with the government" yet also gotta come up with 200 bucks >.<
An the only people that know me as male are the ladies in the library my mother in law an my girlfriend an her family which only her aunt goes to school with us the first week of class my teacher thought i was a women an would address me as miss until my stubble started coming back >.<

As far as weed i have been clean 2years this December.

I already wear ladies pants an shoes to class an yes i do wanna blend in because as i said earlyer i live in the bible belt if you are not a white Christian male here you are inferior so i do not go out alone much my girlfriend always walks me to class an picks me up so we got safety down!

Thank you for all your tips Tessa you have been a big help =)


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