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And... No more strenght training for me :)
« on: October 17, 2012, 02:54:08 pm »
 At least something good.  Let's recap a bit on the story:

Looks like I was born with a bit of hyperpronation on my left ankle and it went undetect for years.. I never noticed anything in my entire life, but I also did nothing athletic, being a lazy fatass from finishing high school in the nineties to 2009. I did not notice anything until back in 2004 I had my first <poo> jobs. Filling stands in Supermarkets, serving fast food. All of them things that implied heavy physical activity and standing for several hours. In the end the pain started on the leg and it would accompany me during years. The weight was place into the inner part of the knee, making unbearable the act of putting weight on it. Over the years I started to switch my weight the the good leg. A quick fix that turned into habit.

The years passed, and in 2009 the pain episodes started getting worse. My posture was even worse. When I sat down, I'd fall and incline to the bad said, and I always felt a buldge under the skin beiing punctured (the ribs getting on the fat, maybe). In the end I decided to get into a gym. I got a better form, but my balance was getting worse over time.

So, back to a few months ago. Anxiety, depression, GID at full power and what I could not achieve in years, I pulled it in two months: Losing 8 kilos. I looked into the mirror and said "I feel deformed". I looked down to my pelvis and said: "Why is it in diagonal"? It was completely tilted and I needed to raise my hip to put it back in shape. I was getting more and more nervous, and worrying about the back pain I had negated for so much time. One of my legs rotated in a weird way. I had a normal looking one and the other made a duck feet.

The worst part came when during a boring meeting I looked down my knees and saw a difference between the two leg. What the heck? I had never had a problem of short leg. I was obsessing, checking about practically on the net and terrifying about hip osteotomy, knee replacements... I ended visiting a traumatologist, just to tell me that I had no bone problems and with physiotherapy I could fix it in no time.

In the meantime I had finally gotten custom made orthopaedic inserts for my shoes, with worked like a charm in allowing me to rebalance the weight. I had booked an appointment with a physiotherapy centre I had visited in the past, and when the guy saw (touched) me... To him, everything was out of place, and caused over years and years of the body compensating. The fat had been hiding everything during years and for him, the damage  touched even the ribs and my neck, with muscles shortened on one side of my body. After 45 minutes of pain, he said that it was too early to tell anything, but it would be a lengthy process. In the next two days, the pain was even worse.

Today I had my second session, even more painful than the first one "You and the pain are going to be veeery close friends. But it looks like it is working for you and soon we will be moving upwards". He gave me a few exercises for each leg to adapt the length with time, and when I asked him about how to keep exercising in the gym...

"Well, forget about strenght training and lifting heavy things for at least one year. You need to do endurance training. The idea is to avoid hypertrophy and build muscle tone to maintain your skeleton back in place."

A bit happier now, but just wait until the post session pain starts. I was worried about being forced to bulk up muscle to keep the  repairs, but this is much better. Maybe with time I'll stop feeling like a faulty tank when I move... Things we learned:

- The muscle does have a thing with the height, for the HRT and shrinkage topics

- Fat can camouflage a lot of defects, for bad and for good.

- Being touched by a man can give you really weird ideas.
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