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Anyone else enjoy Lego?

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Was searching around the board and couldn't find anything regarding this.. so I went and obtrusively made a topic ^_^ (hope it's ok)

I recently rediscovered my love of building Lego and it really helps to bring out a real creative side I think. Been collecting some of the old sets from when I was young and am really enjoying it as a hobby.

Anybody else have it when young or still liking it?

I need a bigger cupboard now ^^;;

Nice work! You made a great topic, and put it in the right section. Start as many as you like. Hugs, Devlyn

When I was little, we were poor, so all we had to play with were pine cones.

My aunt sent me for Christmas when I was 6. It instantly displaced all other gifts. I spent the next 4 years collecting M-tron and Blacktron Space Lego. Lego is the most awesome thing. And Space Lego is the most awesome Lego because it's shiny.

Loved space it was one of my fav's too. I took my collection to school one day and got it all stolen >.< obviously have made up for it these days lol


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