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Perfect fit!


I just received my first online purchase for clothing, ordered from  I meticulously measured myself and judged with their own size charts.  I just got one top and one skirt, in case they were the wrong size.  I even learned that, while my measurements make me a size 14, I should order a 16 from Old Navy since they tend to run small.  Well I am happy to report that, other than the bust, it's a perfect fit!  I'm so happy; now I have more than one outfit.

I might be able to post images soon, so I'll show off my new threads.

Hello stephanie,

That's great news, doesn't it feel wonderful, and welcome to the wonderful world of women's sizes.  It will become a lot easier as you become more comfortable with your body and the size of clothes that fit you.  You will also find out that what fits in one brand name will not fit in another.  When I buy cloths from Sears, from the "Jessica" line, I need to buy a size 4 in pants and skirts and a size 6 in tops.  However any other brand I usually have to buy a 6 in pants and skirts, or an 8 in tops.  So when ever possible make sure you try things on before you buy.  Buying on line is a great way to go when you are first starting out as you can usually return items for a full refund if they don't fit, just check their refund policy.

Have fun with your new wardrobe.  I'm sure there will be lots more to come.  Remember "when times are rough, shopping is a great form of therapy".  Well it works for me.

Chat later,

Steph :)

wow  girl - old navy ? cool!

i tried a couple things from there but they never fit my bust since i have big shoulders and  biceps.  I like to look more frilly and feminine.  Did you ever try  Their styles always are the perfect fit - and they stretch  anyway.   You should try them out when you want to go for more glamour and style.  Sometimes gap tops stretch a bit more and are more roomy - try them too !!


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