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first off id like to appolgize ahead if this is in the wrong section. but i have made this really odd observation that some of us (i have done it too) seem to present a split personality between our feminine side and our masculine side. just an example: i decided to let so and so out today and it was great, i really felt like me for the first time.... i dont know maybe just being odd myself but do any of you see the same thing i see????

Danivamp:  I think I know what you are getting at.  I see myself as an interesting dichotomy.

I am very interested in electronics and technology and I do 90% of the mechanical, electrical and woodworking work/repairs on my boat - traditional "masculine" things to do.

When I am doing "male" work around the house I often joke with my wife about that kind of work - I don't do too bad for a "fem" guy.

A lot of it has to do with the stereotypes we have grown up with in the American culture (I'm 58, so I missed the years of enlightenment).


I do not have a split personality!

Yes you do.

No I don't!

Do too.

Who asked you?

Who wants to know?

Get back in the box!  >:D :angel:


It has struck me as odd too Dani. I think of myself as the same person as I was before. I know I look different and I dress differently, but I'm still the me I was.

Perhaps it's easier for others to separate who they were from who they will become.


first off cassie......ROTFLMFAO rolling on the floor laughing my f******* ass off
Dennis that is exactly where i am going and i still believe that regardless of when or where you grew up, or even how you lived that person is still the same person with a few different attributes. i can attest to that of the attributes due i have noticed some changes with myself. but yeah i think you guys understand where im coming from with this little "observation"


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