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New alert over gender bending chemicals

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New alert over gender bending chemicals
By Mark Prigg Science Correspondent, Evening Standard
Found on This is London

A new health alert over chemicals used in make-up, shampoo and soaps is issued today. Experts say products containing the chemicals - called phthalates - could cause women to give birth to boys with female characteristics. Their research found shrunken genitals and less masculine behaviour in babies.

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Not surprising.  Many chemicals used in the cosmetic industry aren't good for you, particularly skin lotions and sunscreens.

Personally, I don't use any shampoos, creams, or toothpastes.

Gee, I always thought people with shrunken or deformed genitals chose to be that way.



--- Quote from: VeryGnawty on May 27, 2005, 08:24:28 pm ---Personally, I don't use any shampoos, creams, or toothpastes.
--- End quote ---

you had to expect that, sooner or later, that'd make somebody wonder how you kept your teeth clean... ?

The chemical influence on <not allowed> is nothing new. After WWII, many new chemicals and drugs came into use which have since been proven to be related to sex and gender of children of pregnant women.  This has been controversial for decades now and we are still finding and identifying such drugs and chemicals which were at one time considered "safe" and I imagine many new drugs approved by FDA will in the future prove to fall into this catagory.

I can remember studies about such things and the news they made in the late 50's and beyond.  Just another consiquence of humans attempting to place themselves above nature and it's consiquences.  We are no longer a pure product of nature or it's natural environment, rather a consiquence of our own actions.


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