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How often and what do you eat?

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I was wondering about health issues etc and reading how some/many people diet. So I thought I'd do a thread about it.

I eat three times a day:

 Breakfast: usually a lightly fried/poached egg on toast, black tea, no sugar.

Lunch: a meat sandwich or a salad of lettuce, carrot, capsicum, tomato, mushroom with either low fat cheese or lean pastrami as protein. I may have a boiled egg as well.

Dinner: Normally meat and veg.  Steak and salad, chicken and veg, pasta and stuff. Casserole, stew depending upon the season. Def the main meal of the day.

 Evening snack, Cheese and biscuits, glass of wine.

 I'm about 5' 9'' and weigh 60kilos.
 I also work out at a gym 2-3 times a week.

My diet changes every once in a while, but on work days it is pretty standard.

Breakfast: Yogurt and a hard boiled egg

Snack #1: two packets of oatmeal

Snack #2: Special K bar

Snack #3: Crackers or veggies

Lunch: Can of soup during the winter, or a sandwich or salad during the summer.  With crackers or veggies (which ever I did not eat for a snack).

Snack #4: Fruit

Snack #5: Chips, or popcorn, or something else salty

Dinner: Fish or chicken with veggies. Sometimes I will make homemade soup or stew during the spring or fall. Every so often I get a craving for steak and have that in stead

Snack #6: Something sweet

Bedtime: Herbal tea.

I am 5'10" and 155lbs. Plus, I am still losing weight. I have a crazy high metabolism  ;D


--- Quote from: Liam Erik on November 20, 2012, 09:11:13 am ---If I'm not very busy, I'll have a bowl of cheerios by midday.  Then I will snack on fruit and things like rice or crackers or yogurt in the afternoon.  Dinner with the family is variable and always excellent because everybody cooks.

If I'm busy, I often forget to eat until three or four in the afternoon.  Then I might have a piece of fruit and go back to work until dinnertime, and that will be all for the day.

--- End quote ---

Holy cow! I think I would starve to death by 8 a.m. that is when I am usually on snack #1!!

I eat six to seven times a day - three medium sized meals and three to four "snacks".

Breakfast is a small bowl of whole grain cereal with soy or almond milk plus some fruit.

First snack is usually sliced fruit or carrots or celery with almond butter.

Lunch is an all veggie salad.

Second snack is often a protein or nutrition bar - though I often try for raw almonds or a small whole fruit/veggie smoothie.

Dinner is usually something vegetarian that requires cooking and a bit of preparation. Or raw food if I'm lazy.

Third snack is whatever is on hand or another smoothie - depends on whether I'm going to the gym.

Fourth snack is only post-workout protein shake or supplement - maybe something low calorie with fiber to fill me up.

Obviously I try to eat vegetarian - but I'm flexible when I have to be.  Eat clean, live clean.  Now that I've got my thyroid meds right I'm really enjoying the energy and health from this diet.  This is what I eat at home.  As I've been in the middle east for the past eight months I'm a little more limited in my choices and can't cook - so it's simpler.  Cereal and fruit then salad for lunch and dinner.  Zone perfect bars and almonds fill in the gaps.

I spread 1400 calories across 6 meals all day long with this in mind CC CC IWDB clucking fish bones beans & greens 180 OK so you must either Count Carbs or Count Calories with all the apps out counting calories is easier, If it's White Don't Bit nothing white, breads buns, potatoes etc. etc.....  my meals are chicken breast clucking fish is fish bones are lean meats beans lentals etc. and greens mustard collard green beans more etc.  and 180, 180 minutes of exersice per week that's an hour a day for 6 days, plus a solid 8 hours of sleep :-)


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