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Please ignore my horrible spelling.  :D

What type of Jewlary(God I know I can't do you like to wear?

For me right now, about the only things I like to wear are big silver hoop earrings. I just love the dangling feeling of them. It's funny how big circles on the side of my face can look pretty too..

I try to wear jewelry sparingly -- it's just so easy to overdo. But I love dangly earrings. I usually only wear them when I'm going out to a club or something. I'd like to wear rings but I don't want to draw attention to my hands.

If we're talking favorites though, I have a very special place in my heart for anklets.

And don't worry about spelling. This isn't English class. :)

Hey there Alicia,

I guess it depends on the mood I'm.  I usually just wear wear earrings, but often I'll add large beads around my neck and on occasion an inexpensive expandable bracelet.  I don't wear that much for work, just the earrings, and like you I prefer the long dangley ones :)

I only have one pair of expensive studs and they are made from my birth stone, all the rest is the inexpensive cosmetic jewelry.   I would like to get myself a nice gold chain necklace, maybe for Christmas.  :)

Chat later,


Dangling earrings here too. I like to know they are still there during the day. I do wear studs occassionally but then I worry with them all day checking to make sure they haven't slipped out or something. I also wear a necklace, nothing to elaborate and something that hangs down rather than a choker. Don't want to draw attention to the ole Adams apple. Couple of rings and a bracelet. I like bracelets that are loose but won't fall off. Too tight and I worry it will cut off my circulation.

Alicia try typing your message in word and then cutting and pasting it into the reply box. Then you won't have to worry about your spelling.

Y wee woldnt wont peepool thankin we's ignarunt or sompin hyar  ;D


Well, I'm not all intellegent >.> lol

What is it about hoops that are so appealing? I mean, I love em and I don't know why  ??? ???


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