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I was wondering if anyone here has experienced discrimination because of being a woman, not necessarily a transsexual or cd/tv, but as a woman (no offence to the FtM's here but men are not often discriminated against).  Since coming out and going full time I don't think I have been, but there may be subtle hints of it, in the way I'm sometimes treated in traditional male dominated areas such as car dealerships, and hardware stores.  I have noticed that when driving, quite a few male drivers treat you with disdain, you know, give you that look.

Just curious,


I don't know if you'd call it discrimination but I have experienced a, You're just a woman moment, and In my own Gallery even! I had an Artist in to talk to a collector who had something special they wanted done with some arrowheads. The artist and the collector are both men. They were standing near the desk I was sitting at while they talked and my wife was talking to the collector's wife. I was kind of in between. Anyway the collector made some comment about the quality of the artist's work and I commented that he was standing by the artist's work (it was all around him)

He looked at me like I was from Mars, made some "polite comment" and moved location kind of subtly to the other side of the Gallery where he continued his discussion of arrowheads and such with the artist. Next thing I know I here "Cassie, Sally wants to know about....?"

So there I was excluded from the "man talk" and brought over to the woman's section. As I looked across the gallery, it seemed like the man had a certain satisfaction look to him that I had been appropriately put in my place. I remember thinking, that's okay, I'm the one whose going to tell the artist what the final price of the work will be.  :icon_evil_laugh: The conversation with his wife was more interesting anyway.


My limited experience tells me that if a person has not found out about cross gender discrimination then some or all of these come into play.

#1  They are blind to it.

#2  They are not being seen or accepted as their gender.

#3  They refuse to accept that it has happened.

Sarah Louise:
I have been discriminated against in my job, I lost one client because they said they didn't want a woman in charge of there computer system.

But then another client who usually treats women very badly, actually accepted me as a woman and started treating all women better after that.


I would hope that any FtM who passes as male recognizes that he has gained male privilege along with it. I certainly notice a difference. So no offence at all for speaking the truth Steph.

Mind you, at first, when you look young, you also get decreased credibility for looking young, but it still feels different than discrimination against women does. And I must say, the latter really rankles when you don't feel female, but you're being treated that way. Not that it's right no matter who you are.



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