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Have you been discriminated against???

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              I haven't suffered discrimination mostly because of Leigh's #2 reason, not being seen as my true gender. I do suffer when I see the way it affects women. Notice how inexpensive restaurants like Denny's etc.  always have 100% women waiting tables for the one or two dollar tips? But when we go to a restaurant that costs $50 to $100 for two(plus the resultant big tips), gee it's mostly all male waiters. When you do go out to eat please tip the females as much as you can afford, they deserve it so very much.


I have been treated differently, but that is the way it goes.  When I bought my Ford the car came with a bottle of liquid wax that had instructions that seemed to say that it was just a sealer.  When I asked about the actual application of said liquid I was given a lecture on how to properly wax a car.  I worked at an auto center at the time.   ::)

The company that I worked for trained me in their inventory system.  I was one of the few people who actually had the same rights as a store manager on the handheld computer.  Not even the auto center manager had that kind of access.  However, I was routinely given tasks such as dusting cups while someone who did not grasp the system that well was tasked with using it.

I have had my input ignored until it was verified with a male.

I am in the IT industry which is very male dominated.  Most of the time being a woman will just get you a polite, "Thank you for interviewing".

On the other side, people now hold open the doors.  No one seems to be afraid of me (good and bad here and yes, as a guy I was rather intimidating until I thinned out from the mones).  Dates usually pay for going out.  And all kinds of other things.  It kind of balances out in the end.

Northern Jane:
It's a fact of life! Going from a male in a male-dominateed field to a female in a male dominated field has cost me about 40% of my potential wages over 32 years and countless promotions. Even in this day and age where discrimination is supposed to be illegal, the "old boys club" still practices it in secret (with the exception of a few token females here and there).

It was a fact of life in 1974 and it's still a fact of life.

Well not yet I, myself haven't been disciminated against YET. But, Here in a very backwards part of Tennessee, I know thats not far off. I live in one of the big cities here in the state, but, we have lost almost all the help we had( Before I decided to come out of denial). To date there are no more support groups,and I havent met a "sister" in a long time. And all that is close to a "sister" here are Drag Queens. And to me they are as about as helpful as tring to play golf with a bowling ball. I dont need that kind of help.
  And this state doesnt have one law of idea to help protect us, and doesn't care. So, when I get ready for RLT, I will get more than my fair share.

I have, on multiple levels in both directions.

I was denied a job I believe because of discrimination.  I have a complaint pending with the local EOC.

On the reverse, some people still see me as male and therefore better in my profession than a woman would be.  I find this particularly upsetting and accept that I may have to relocate to escape this male privilege hangover.

Women as a whole are accepting but some resent me, either discreetly or have said so to me bluntly.  Shades of Janice Raymond here. 

The normal nonsense in stores and muffler shops.  As a musician, I now find myself guided to the cheaper equipment along with condescending explanations on why this junk is as good as serious equipment.

It comes with the territory.  The job was very upsetting, the rest, a fact of being trans, a female, or both.



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