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First doctor's appointment


With the nod from my therapist, I mustered up the courage (been doing a lot of mustering lately) to call and schedule an appointment to get my blood tested.  The appointment is on the same day as a therapy session, and on the day of my father's 55th birthday, oddly enough.

I'm very nervous about this, since I'm phobic of needles (don't know the term for that).  And there's also the odd chance of them finding something wrong with me that not only delays my initiation into the HRT club, but possibly detrimental to my health as well (although I'd think if there was something wrong I'd know by now, but who knows).

But at least I made the appointment, and if they do find something wrong, it's better to know about it.  Hopefully however, everything will go smoothly and the needles won't be too big and scary.

That's such great news stephanie.  You sound really thrilled and at the same time obviously nervous. Check these out. there's tons more sites out there  :D

All I can say it that you are going about this the right way.  It's far better to find out that there is a problem before you start any form of HRT, rather than later.  This way you can possibly correct the problem and then start HRT.  That's exactly what happened in my case.  My doctor rightly wanted blood tests first.  The test revealed that I had a dangerously high cholesterol level, that should be brought under control before starting HRT.  Although I was disappointed it was the right thing to do.  After three months my cholesterol was down and I had lost 45lbs to boot.  A nice side effect.

So take this all as part of the journey, it's far better to be safe that sorry, remember that HRT can be life threatening.  Keep us posted...

Chat later,


Absolutely.  I wouldn't dare try anything without testing and without the go-ahead of my therapist or doctor.

I've been dieting and walking regularly for four months now, and I feel that my cholesterol was probably pretty high before, I just hope it's not very high anymore.  My major concern right now is the possiblity of having skin cancer, which would obviously take precedence over anything else.  I'm not sure if I do have it, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if I do.

Overall I'm just hoping there are no obstacles.

And it appears to be "Belonephobia."  :P

Well done Stephanie,

I feel sure that things will go well for you. Exercise is the best way to control cholesterol. I personally cycle every morning for about half an hour. Helps add shape to my calfs also  :).



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