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You should get "The Sewing Book" by Alison Smith. It's a little pricey, it's $40 at Barnes and Nobel, but it's well worth it. The book goes through basically how to do EVERYTHING that you would ever need to know.

Here's a nice review of the book here:

If you look around on Google, and have access to a printer you can find free patterns that you can print out yourself, cut out and tape together! Patterns
are the biggest thing, aside from having a sewing machine.

Start off with pieces with simple constructions, like t-shirts and perhaps dresses and work your way into the more complex designs.

If you have a sewing machine but not an overlocker, look up how to French seam aswell and do your seam allowances a bit longer - otherwise your seams won't look to chic or be too sturdy.

Everybody has excellent points in this thread.
I totally think getting a sewing machine is a must, but more important while you save money is to learn handstitching skills. Personally I'm learning embroidery at the moment and actually will be making a thread about it after this post. Good luck and hopefully you can post some pics of your work in the future.
The cost should not be something to worry about, you are learning a long term skill that might net you income in the future. Better than spending your hard earned money on electronic junk that needs to be replaced everytime there is a new update  :P lol

A sewing machine seems to be a good idea.
Its good to know a few hand stitches. But it can get boring when there are really long seams to do.
On the other hand, some finer works might be faster done by hand.

There should be quite a few good tutorials on the internet.
You might even look into cosplay etc, because they for example might have some nice cuts and some tricks others haven't.
They might have some easy to do patterns, I'd simply avoid too extravagant ones.

Some people take clothes they know they fit and take off parts of the pattern from there.

It might be a good idea to start with an old bed sheet as fabrics, for example. Its possible to sew the whole garment first with this, then try it on, change it some, etc, and use the finished pattern for the intended fabrics.


I know that this thread is really old, I'm basically commenting for anyone else who may be interested. I think the best thing anyone can do to learn how to sew is to manually alter clothes. Buy something at a thrift store that you like but that for some reason or another does not fit 100% well and have fun deconstructing it and making it fit. I was pissed off earlier in the year when I bought a suit (from China) and they sent me size Santa Claus. I didn't trust the company anymore to return it, so I took on the challenge of sizing it down myself. I was a total beginner, I hadn't worn a shirt for a year because I didn't want to sew a button. However, with patience, I was able to downsize it and attain something weareable, far from perfect, but I can use it. Patience, observation and motivation, that's what you need. Oh, and losing the fear of deconstructing and ruining clothes.


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