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Completely excited about my new project...

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[Image Removed] (the original edition).

I am making mine in white wool, and yay for binding! Maybe I can actually make a sweater for myself that fits for once! (pre-binding, my chest would always make the rest of the sweater stick out near my stomach like I was pregnant).

My goal is to finish this during my school vacation. I think it'll be possible, I once did an entire lace shawl on size 00 needles in a little less than a month.

Ms. OBrien:
You and Rosie Grier.  Who says real men don't knit.  Looks awesome.  I can't wait to see the finished product.

Ah, this project is great but exhausting, it takes so long to do one row. It looks great, and I think it's one of the best things I've knit so far. Just need a little more before I can separate the front and back to make the arm holes.

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That is amazing. It looks really complex... and then I was chuckling because I was thinking what if people just wore knit tube-tops like that.

I WISH I could knit. My mom tried to teach me to crochet when I was little but I couldn't get the hang of it. I figured if I can't do that then knitting's probably out of the question.

Ford, knitting isn't too hard once you get a hang of it, but no two people will ever teach you a like. there's surprisingly, many ways to do it. I like the Portuguese method, it's easier on the hands. Knitting is easier for some to learn, because it's really straightforward, while crocheting has the single, double, treble, double treble crochet etc. I crochet too, but I mainly knit.

Liam, I love this book. I've been pouring over it for years, and have only really used it to take the cable patterns out of for other projects and to look at all the nice pictures. I love all the Starmore books I've seen. I've made the Ruska sweater from Scandanavian Knitting (which I think it a really underrated book of hers) and I am dying to make the Trondelag cardigan from it as well. I want to make something out of her Celtic Knitting or Fair Isle books, but not sure what. Though, I think Trondelag is going to be my next project.

Have you started anything from Aran Knitting (or thinking about one)?


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