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Completely excited about my new project...

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Awesome work! I can't wait to see it when it is done!

Whew, finally finished it Nov 2014. [Link Removed]

Hey DriftingCrow, you should meet this LearnedHand person, you both seem to have a sweater fetish! :laugh:  <running away>

We've already met multiple times.  :D

Next project is St. Edna again in white for a different person and also Trondelag from Starmore's Scandinavian Knitwear. Tomorrow's payday so I might be getting the yarn for Trondelag tomorrow before my money disappears.

I'll be making the Trondelag Man's Sweater  pattern (pictured) but making it using the Trondelag Man's Jacket layout instead (not pictured, it uses a different like boxes and diamonds instead of a little tree pattern).

[Link Removed]


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