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Completely excited about my new project...

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Wow that is gorgeous work!  :o  You can just make a sweater for yourself like that? How long have you been doing that? (I'm a bit intimidated by sewing. I'm going to soon have to learn how for fashion class)


--- Quote from: Not-so Fat Admin on February 09, 2013, 06:43:40 pm ---Wow that is gorgeous work!  :o  You can just make a sweater for yourself like that? How long have you been doing that? (I'm a bit intimidated by sewing. I'm going to soon have to learn how for fashion class)

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Yeah, I've made sweaters and vests before, but I tend to never be able to make anything the correct size. My gague is usually spot on when I start, then magically it ends up being too big when I finish.

--- Quote from: Liam Erik on February 09, 2013, 07:09:45 pm ---I've been working the basics into small projects to get a handle on it so I can do a sweater and get it right.  I spin my own yarn, so there's a good while left to cogitate on designs and so forth before I can start anyway.  One of the coolest things in the book, in my opinion, is the orange shawl blanket thingy with all the knotwork.

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The Maindenhair shawl? I did the main cable in that in a scarf, I love that cable. If my mother-in-law didn't hate everyone, I was going to make the St. Brigid sweater for her.

I spin too, but I haven't had time lately (or roving). You have your own sheep right? I bought some from a lady who has a bunch of Shetland sheep (they're so cute) and made some hats and a purse (which I am still working on.... like 3 years later, all I need to do is put in the lining and the handles). I have some neighbors with llamas and they sell the llama wool, so maybe I'll try picking it up again this summer. I also love sweetgeorgia's rovings (though I've never bought any). I am not that great at spinning yet, my yarns end up thick and not very smooth, but they make nice hats.

Edit to add: Admin, if you need to learn to sew, I highly recommend "The Sewing Book" by Alison Smith. You can get it at Barnes n Nobel for $40. It's HUGE  and basically will tell you everything you could possibly ever need to know about sewing.

What kind of spinning wheel do you have? I used to have a Schacht (the Matchless kind) which I liked, you could change it to be either flyer or bobbin driven or put it in double drive, but my husband was convinced it was broken (even though I said, it's not broken I just don't know how to spin), so he then bought me an Ashford which I am not as fond of, since it can only be flyer driven and it takes up more space.

We had some pet sheep for a few years that my mom bought on a whim once, but she didn't know how to shear them so some guy would shear them and take the wool. How long have you been raising sheep? Doing some farm stuff sounds like fun, but I know I wouldn't even know where to being on ever taking care of farm animals since I wasn't really raised with much animals besides cats and dogs (and my mom's random trial at being a mini-farmer).

Have you been dyeing your yarn or leaving it natural? Prochemical has some nice dyes (I took a fabric dyeing class and used to dye some fabric on my own and that's what we used. I also think that's what Sweetgeorgia uses on her yarns and roving and her colors are amazing).

Darn it! I screwed up!

I was supposed to take 3 in front, put 4 in back, and K1P1 across the cable. Eight rows later I realized that I had put 4 in front and 3 in back and then K1P1 across. Instead of frogging 9 rows, I did my usual trick of dropping the rows and knitting and purling my way back up using a crochet hook. Unfortunately, the sticky nature of wool made it so the yarn didn't evenly redistribute itself like it does for smoother materials. So, now two of the Ks and two of the Ps are really loose while the rest are really tight:

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I was hoping you'd say something like that, ripping back a few rows then putting the needle back in is scary when there's like 100+ stitches to worry about.

It should be done in time for autumn. I picked up season 1 of Downton Abbey, so that should give me something to knit to every week.

How's your sweater coming along? Are you working flat or in the round? If in the round, are you using an interchangable needle kit? I have the Denise kit, but I am thinking of looking for something else, because the connector (the blue thing seen in the pictures above) is just so thick it doesn't bend too well and you can't get small needle sizes.


Edit: "three round" to "the round"


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