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A bit confused..

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Ok, I'm guessing here is where I post it..

I was talking to Val about this, and Well, Me and my boyfriend plan to meet this summer and the cost for a one week visit from UK to US is about $1200.00

Of course, that to me, is ALOT! I mean right now I'm and I want to help him pay for at least half or more..

So this means I need to get a job, but now that I'm dressed..where would be a suitable job?

I was thinking a store clerk at Cato's(a women's dept store)..but I'm sure there are others..?



Hi Alicia,

I wish I could help you with some great advice about getting a job as a TS but I work very hard at not working for other people. My experience looking for a job as TS is zero.  A very rich man once said no one ever got rich working for other people. Something to consider and take to heart.

I don't know if you have ever watched The Apprentice but on the 3rd installment one of the apprentices who was eliminated near the end said he had no idea you could start business with so little money. Many of the tasks they were given they had to do with very little cash. Anyway he said he couldn't wait to get home and try some new ideas.

So, Alicia, got any ideas. Maybe you could get together with some friends and put something together that might make you all a bunch of money. Of course the Cato idea ain't bad. You'd get discounts on clothes.

My wife worked for a chain discount clothing store called Merry Go Round. I don't know if they are around anymore. When she worked there she already had fabulous cloths that she wore to work. They were Armani suits. Of course Merry go Round didn't have anything that she wore but she sold a ton of clothes and she worked on commission. The lesson here is dress better than the clothes you are selling.  ;D

Good Luck,


Hey Cass ^ ^

Well, I'm not one for uhm well, leadership lol. and having my own company is a bit leaderish to me.. I'm probably going to go with Cato for as you said, the discounts lol. There is also Claires to check out for hiring me..

Really I hope either store hires without problems..

If they say "It is required to be female" or something, and I look/pass as a female...think that would help get the job?

Anyways kinda late lol, going to get some rest.

thanks much for your reply Cassandra



If you can seriously pass as a female, then you won't have an problems getting a job. THe problem is, management can have any reason in the world for not wanting to hire someone, and they wouldn't have to tell you. It's all gonna come down to how you can pass.

 :-\ that's not really nice.

Guess I will have to try my best  :D


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