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My Female/Male Confusion

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Thanks for the welcome, that's very kind of you!

*Giggle* I really wouldn't know where to find that sort of therapist, though I understand what you're saying. Maybe I'll make enquiries. It's good advice - the sort you think, hmmm I know it makes sense, and yet that would be such a big step. I've never had therapy for anything before, but a lot of my friends have for various things. They came out okay. So nothing to be scared of, right? Right? Right?  :P

Yes, I'll definitely go through the site more and set my brain to "learn". I have some tea, and enough grapes to last the night. So I'm quite relaxed.  ;D

Thanks again!

Hello MJ,
welcome! as you have already discovered, this is a great place to learn more about yourself, from others like you. I'm relatively new here, and also quite confused about things... but at least I'm feeling quite happy in this confusion now, taking my time to figure it all out... and the people in this forum help w/ that.

I look forward to talking to you


Aw well thanks, that's very kind of you. It's nice to know there are others out there just as confused as me. Okay, I never really doubted that... but when you keep it to yourself, it can feel that way, don't you think?

So I'll stick around and learn what I can, and I look forwards to talking to you too  ;D


--- Quote ---So I'll stick around and learn what I can, and I look forwards to talking to you too
--- End quote ---

Hello MJ,

I'm looking forward to your posts and your views.  It's great that you've decided to stick around.  We're a pretty good bunch, as far as pretty bunches go :D .  So I think you'll enjoy it here.

Take care and we'll chat later,


P.S.  Freddie forever... 

Hehehe, that's good to hear! You guys all seem great  ;D

xx MJ

Glad you like Freddie too! I was trying to upload an avatar of myself, but it wont work. But that's okay, Freddie's prettier LOL


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