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Hey, I am surprised this isn't a hobby that somebody has mentioned yet! Mathematics is my obsession and programming is what keeps me sane. I mostly program calculators, though. Computers are not my thing XD So, does anybody else enjoy these? I love to share my notes if anybody is interested :3

Give us an example - what are you programming on a calculator?


Well, I've made simple hello world programs, quadratic solvers, tic-tac-toe, a ton of math programs and some games, among other things. For example:
This is my most recent project. I basically made a file and folder system for BASIC programmers to easily access:

Basically, I am trying to make a higher level language, so you can do things like:

--- Code: ---CD(Zeda/Doc)
COPY( DonkeyKong.ION,Zeda/Games DK.ION)
OPEN( DonkeyKong.ION)

--- End code ---
I've made well over a hundred tools and utilities for programmers over the years. I recently wrote something for exploring Group files that I thought was pretty cool, I made a program called BatLib that is the smallest size it can be for an app and it is the most function packed library for BASIC programmers. I made the Grammer programming language (the name is meant as a pun, by the way). It is an interpreted programming language that has decent speed for graphics and it has been used by others to write programs for contests. It can do some snazzy things:

As for math stuff, is there a way to use LaTeX code? I have some interesting identities and proofs :3 For example, I have a fairly easy proof that the sum from i=0 to n of (-1)i(aCi)(a-iCa-n)=0 (if I typed that properly).

I like those calculators because they run on a sorely outdated processor, using a slow, monochrome LCD at 6MHz or 15MHz and since the processor is not "tunneled" or whatever the term is, instructions take a different number of clock cycles to execute (instead of 1 as it is on most systems, now), so it runs at about 640 times slower than my computer (which runs at 1.6GHz). It makes for a nice challenge. Oh, and it's RAM is about 24KB. My computer has 125000 times as much RAM.

Emily Aster:
I used to come home from school and do Calculus and Physics for fun, then write code for fun too. Now that I get paid to do this stuff, it's not fun anymore. I play video games for fun instead, although I have been learning 3D modeling and Unity3D lately to try to write a game instead of just playing it.

I am horrible with 3D rendering o.o I've never managed to make a working program, and I don't know why XD


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