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Whoo!  Coding!  Where to begin?  I started on my TI 83+ Silver in high school.  I was the person people came to for programs because I tended to write code for everything.  The funny thing is, I don't think I relied on my programs as much as other people did.  I assume that's because debugging helped me learn the concepts.

I studied computer science in college.  I was expecting the video game design course I took to be my favorite, but I actually loved the operating systems course more.  I guess it's not surprising that I do kernel development now :D.

co.ol, did you ever upload any programs?
I wish I could figure out how to get computer programming to click for me :/ z80 and BASIC seem so easy, but computers require so much extra to program! I can figure out how to make circuits, and that makes more sense to me than C or C++.

Also, I made Langton's Ant today while I was doing laundry. I had no internet and no distractions, so my brain wandered over to Langton's Ant and thought of a super fast and efficient way of programming it on a calculator:

That runs over 10 000 iterations per second on a 6MHz calculator with an LCD that is excruciatingly slow (for those of us that work directly with the LCD).

For comparison to another version:

The emulator had a tough time keeping up with the first program, let alone mine o.o

No, I never uploaded anything (although I did find a handful of games and other things on  I only did ti-basic coding, I never took the time to figure out their assembly language code.  I'd probably do better at it now, if I ever remember where I put my calculator after high school (about 6 years ago)


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