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VERY IMPORTANT =Transgender Day of Remembrance November 20th, 2005


This is a site every TG should read...every bit of it. It is sad, because it is so damn true. It tells of injustice...but also it should teach us about what we face and how not to deal with the world. We Tg, worldwide are a minority and some of us will pay the ultimate price for our freedom...

The 7th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance is gatherings (around the world) to remember our dead. This year it is November 20th. Only us TG and those who know us, understand the risk we take to be honest. Worldwide....we are probely the most misunderstood peope. Lets all try to at least stand our own vigil that night for our sisters....feeling not anger....but with pride, strength and love.

Debbie Dawn (DebTV)

Dear Debbie Dawn,
Thank you for posting this, this is so important.
20 november is the next date for a TG café in Amsterdam that is the only one i like... i was still workin up the courage to go... seeing this, again reading the names of all those brave brothers and sisters, i will go... Because I saw there was no Amsterdam event listed for the Day of Remembrance. I've posted the link on a Dutch forum to try get some people together for this.

Thank you for remembering.


Basically, I just want to get this thread back to the top of the most recent messages list... but to give an update, looks like there will be a wake in Amsterdam, too. Lot of work to do, in three weeks, but we can't let this day pass unnoticed in NL... there is very little awareness here that our cause is an international one...

Love and peace to all

A few years back there was one in Charlotte, NC but I have not seen them listed on here recently.  :(

Just to say, the first Transgender Day of Remembrance in the Netherlands has been officially announced! In the end people with way more experience than I did all the work. It may turn out to be a small event, basically 10 participants is the minimum, but it;s a start, and our Dutch group is in touch with orgs in neighbouring countries that have no events yet, to work on bigger plans.

Love and peace to ALL


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