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David W. Shelton:
Well, after much deliberation, I felt like it was important to give those of our different faiths and philosophies a "home" since we want this board to be as welcoming as possible for everyone!

Each board is for those of that particular faith. For the purpose of our discussion here at, we'll keep them as general as possible. Any topics regarding the boards shown above should be placed in that thread.

If you can think of any other boards that should be added (Christianity will remain a general Christianity board for now... I am NOT about to get into adding a bazillion denominations... YIKES), just let me know and I'll put it into consideration.

Any general spiritual or religious topics that are not exclusive to a particlar faith should be left in the main board. Posts regarding atheism should be added to the Philosophy board.

Thanks for keeping the board as friendly and welcoming for everyone!



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