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Hiya guys and gals~ uwu
I just thought I'd show off my cat, Bella. >u< 



She usually makes a really good model -- it's like she actually poses sometimes. xD

This cat c:
Her name is Belle
-- she's my mamère's cat~

Photography's been a hobby of mine afor a few years now; and I have plenty more photo's - but of various things, like insects, plants, landscapes, etc.
I just thought I'd share!~ :D

Your cat is soooo cute! :D

I really like the first picture!

She's really cute...the first pic is really great.

As an aside - what kind of camera(s) do you have?

Penny Gurl:
Meow... I mean.. I like.  I had a tabby that was a pretty good model for my photography.. Maybe if I get around to it I'll post him up here to share.  I looks like you have some cute kitties to work with.  Best wishes.

found a pic of the kitty.. meow..

[Image Removed]

Im bookmarking this thread cause it's going to be my weakness. Imma end up being a cat lady by the time im like 60. Imma be single and have like 500000 cats, and the pictures in this thread are just adorable I saw them and just flipped my lid with excitement lmfao



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