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The Ten Commandments of the Spirituality Forum: READ BEFORE YOU POST!


David W. Shelton:
I think it's appropriate to remind everyone of the terms of service, especially:

--- Quote ---10. Bashing or flaming of any individual is not acceptable behavior on this web site and will not be tolerated in the slightest for any reason.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---15. You may challenge the issue, but never the person.
--- End quote ---

In addition to these rules, I'm adding the Ten Commandments of the Spirituality forum:

* Thou shalt respect all people of all faiths.
* Thou shalt not flame.
* Thou shalt never post your spiritual opinion as fact. Thy language should always be such that "you think" about a topic or a faith.
* Thou shalt not cast thy judgement on your fellow soul. The position of Supreme Judge has already been filled.
* Thou shalt never proselytize. Such posts will be deleted on sight.
* Thou shalt never call another's holy writ "garbage" or otherwise demean sacred texts. Whether it's The Bible, the Quran, or the Wiccan Rede, all scriptures are sacred to those who follow them. Treat them accordingly.
* Thy shouldst keep thy posts in the appropriate forum. The general Spirituality forum is for general discussions of faith for everyone. Specific beliefs should be moved to the appropriate beliefs section.
* Remember the Spirituality forum, keep it holy. If thy opinion is that thou hatest religion, the Philosophy forum might be for thee.
* Thou shalt keep thy posts on topic. If thee wishest to start a new thread, please do so.
* Thou shalt never pisseth off thy moderator. Thy moderator has a long fuse, but when it burns out, thou wilst see the unmistakable image of the mushroom cloud as it wipes out thy post into oblivion. >:D
Okay, I confess. Only the last one is a joke. The rest should be adhered to. The bottom line is that we do need to respect each other in these forums. If you have any questions, please PM me.

This forum should always uplift and encourage each other. If your post does neither, then I suggest that you not post it. Further, if you have suggestions of new child boards to have a "home" for everyone, let me know!

We can all have a great time with this forum, so let's keep it positive, okay? After all, mushroom clouds just aren't fun.



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