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This section of our forums seems to be a dead spot.  Is this because our Wiki is perfect, no one ever reads the Wiki or it's just a boring subject?

We'd like to get input from this community on how to make the Wiki better.  Any ideas?

hugs & smiles

I supply Wiki links to people all the time. I have a question though, what's the difference between "Search" and "Go" on the main page?


--- Quote from: Devlyn Marie on February 19, 2013, 02:17:52 pm ---I supply Wiki links to people all the time. I have a question though, what's the difference between "Search" and "Go" on the main page?

--- End quote ---
The search feature only looks for words in documents or titles. It's kinda useless since auto-complete isn't enabled. Go is same as pressing enter and will try to access a page named in the search box (which makes it kinda redundant).

Hi Emelye,

I'd have to say that I'm confused by the search buttons as well.  All the buttons are labeled search but they do different things depending on what part of the site you are on.
It would probably be too difficult to have a single search button that returns results from across the entire site, but if we had a choice of buttons at the top of each page that said 'Search forum' or 'Search Wiki' then I would probably use the wiki more.

I don't know to what extent members contribute to the wiki, but I know that there have been a number of threads that I would love to see converted to a wiki format.  The most recent has been a thread on documentaries.  What I like about the thread are the member recommendations and enthusiasm about which ones are good to watch. What I like about the Wiki format is the more in-depth information about the topic.  It would be nice if there was some way to pull both of those together.  Maybe pin a thread about "Movie recommendations" somewhere where it would always be available in the forum and then link it with the the wiki movie articles... I've no idea how to do that but it would be nice to see recommendations in the wiki and wiki links in the recommendations and be able to easily go between the two.

We are looking at some software changes in the near future that will hopefully address the search issue.  Thanks for the feedback!

We do have a movie category, , that can certainly benefit from being expanded.  I'll look at publicizing the Wiki better in the forums as well.

We had to shut down anonymous wiki editing privileges because we were inundated by spammers.  Wiki staff members (you can find their names here:;sa=members;group=11  They can be contacted with ideas and suggested articles via forum PM or email.  Or you can write an article and ask a wiki staff person to edit or enter it into in the wiki.

Thanks for your suggestions!  (Sorry it took so long.)  :)

hugs & smiles


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