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Dead spot?

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Sarah Louise:
You do a great job here Emelye.  Not enough of us take advantage of this resource (me included).

Ms. OBrien:
I get frustrated when I look for something.  Of course that is the same with the forum.  The search does not seem to be very functional.

Here's a search tip, go to the top of this page and type "wiki"  Notice that all the results are in this thread? Now click Forums at the top of the page to bring you to the board index. Type wiki there and look at the results. It searches everything from there.

Jamie D:
I notice that there seems not to be any reporting or posting of wiki updates.

I have suggested a couple of topics, or expansions to topics, to the Wiki Administrator.  I notice that of the four staff, two have not logged on the site in months.

I would have written articles myself, except that function seems to be disabled.

If the Wiki has become a "Dead Spot," it is because it seems to have been abandoned.

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