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Name Change made my Post Secondary Transcript non-transferable...?


Just a bit of a rant, but I also need ideas...

When I changed my name at my previous college, everything was fine. I gave them all my documents, they changed my name, I got a new ID card, bing bang boom, easy as cake.

Several months later I made the decision to leave that school and reapply to a different University for a different program. Everything was hell from there. I used my old name because all my highschool transcripts are under my old name. But then they couldn't cross reference to my college transcript because i'd changed my name there. Soooo I went in, gave new Uni my documents, they changed my name over. Huzzah, they should be able to get my transcript from my old college now right!? Nope.

Turns out my old school assigned me a new student number when they changed my name (wth, why?) sooo I had them change it to the Student number that New Uni is using. Huzzah, that should fix the problem! Think again.

Last week I called and asked new Uni why they didn't have my transcript yet. They shrugged their shoulders. So I called old College and requested they send a hard copy of my transcript to New Uni's admissions desk, that should work, it's a hard copy, it will be right there, right!? Oh for f---s sake...

I got an email today (though I didn't see it till an hour ago as I was out of town) telling me my application for  Criminology couldn't be processed because, guess what!? My transcript from my old College hasn't turned up!

I am so fed up with this. I have till March 1st to get it in or I will not be considered for early admission (gives you competitive edge, they fill up the class as much as possible with the early admissions... it's a very popular program...) Now I guess my only option is to call New Uni on Monday, ask them to check that my transcript didn't actually arrive.... and then I guess I'll call old College, have them send ME my officially transcript and I will then bring it to new Uni?

I don't know what else to do. This is my fresh start and it's all going to hell, all because Old College can't get their act together and because New Uni couldn't find the hands if they were stapled to their faces.

So... anyone in Canada have any ideas how else to go about fixing this? or a hug... I could use a hug.


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