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Flying Dreams


Well I decided I'd quit being selfish and finally share this song.  In 1982 (I was about 7 or 8 ) a cartoon movie came out called, "The Secret of NIMH"...I don't think I got to see it till I was maybe 9 or 10-ish...but when I did it was my favorite movie. (And yes, I would still watch and recommend it to this day!!)  The song during the end credits, 'Flying Dreams', is sung by Paul Williams.  I had fallen in love with it back then & now I've managed to find it online & I'm thrilled to bits!  Hope you all enjoy it....


Pretty song.  I never read or saw "The Secret of NIMH," but it is on the list.

If we are going to share music, I would like to offer the following link.  Paste it into the URL window and go to it.  Play "Skies Are Bigger."

I did this for a fund-raising coffee house put on my our CYO.  (Hurricane relief fundraiser - raised over $400!)  My eyes become moist whenever I sing it.

I think the refrain really says what I need in my life - "room enough for me."

Beautiful and moving, Chaunte...I saved it to my internet 'favorites' list....
Thanks 4 sharing...Valerie


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