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Skateboarding - How to ollie?

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I used to skateboard as a kid, but gave up because I couldn't do any tricks. I now have a skateboard again but no matter how hard I try I just can't ollie. Does anybody have any tips at all or can explain how to do it properly? I want to be able to master it and then feel confident in doing it.


Devlyn knows all!

Thanks Devlyn!


When I was figuring out how to ollie I found the jump is really important, i alway thought you just like stomped on the tail and everything kind of hopped but like really jumping was what helped me get it. and once you ollie kickflips and shuvits aren't far off!

p.s. if you have carpet in the house taking the trucks off and playing with the deck on the carpet can really improve your pop on wheels.

Jamie D:

My original skateboard looked like this:

I recall that I upgraded to clay wheels!!


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