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Re: What if money was no object ?
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I would start a company that would go on to become the greenest power company on the planet. I end world dependency on fossil fuels and bring cheap and clean energy to 3rd world nations. While my company does that, my army of lobbiests would be working on making sure trans people had rights and were seen as equal. The lobbiests being all trans people. Who would be more passionate about trans rights after all. There would be more medical help for us as I will have baught hospitals all over the world. No trans person would be turned away. And they would be treated with dignity and respect. When we end up in a divorce because we need to transition, my legal fund would be there to fight for child visitation rights or custody. Whichever is in the best interests of the children. This would be the Jannie Brod legal fund my dear Sister had always wanted to set up before she was taken from us. There would be GLBT friendly homeless and youth shelters all over the place.

As for me, I would have transitioned while all this w as going on. My family would be well taken care of and my friends would all be employed by me. My family would all be taken care of. My children would eventually grow up to continue my legacy to make the world better.
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Re: What if money was no object ?
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I can't conceive of money being no object, it always has and as far as I can imagine, always will. The best thing about having an infinite amount of money would be that I could live unfettered. The best thing about not having any money is that I have to think about whether I would get any real use out of the things I buy.

I don't think love of money is the root of all evil, as there is also love of power and love of fame. That said, money can often buy power and probably fame to, so money can certainly be a tool for most evils.
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